5 Tips for Great Landscapes

In this video Kai goes back to his photographic roots and the whole team goes out for a nice and early sunrise shoot to give some top tips on how to shoot landscapes. Pricing Reference: Nikon…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. Ghostface Kilobyte says:

    What type of bread do you recommend for this type of shoot?

  2. Janis Farhat says:

    The funny thing is: At 9:09 you can see a pretty good tripod in the
    backround… :D

  3. SCY says:

    Top tip for Kai, take some god damn weather proof boots with you next time!

  4. Laurent Outang says:

    glad that your anus is dry…

  5. MrZimma frame says:

    really like this episode, Kai is forced and informative put a few jokes

  6. herman lau says:

    can you do a video about how to use ND filter please?

  7. MercuriusDoesMusic says:

    Would the kit lens that comes with the 1200D be good for some starting out
    landscape shots?

  8. DaveCareBear says:

    Im a newb, what were those square filter thingys that he held in front of
    the lens.

  9. razi3l23 says:

    Kai’s talking about diffraction on small apertures then he took some shots
    at f/22 and f/27. Is this some kind of DRTV sense of humour?

  10. Eddie O'Connor says:

    9:11 there is a perfectly good video tripod 

  11. Epicmeerkat99 says:

    Kai loves his shit

  12. Ernest James Gozo says:

    is there a case or like do you just really hold the ND filter up on the

  13. ShafiQ Hussain says:

    how to do water blurry

  14. Luxrah says:

    where can you get filters like this?

  15. Kyle Jonesta says:

    +DigitalRev TV When did you start photography?

  16. lars vegard vesterhagen Bundli says:

    lol. awesome effort on the pictures man.

  17. Benji Sun says:

    tip: wear better shoes than that shit…

  18. Gem Webb says:

    I like this guys personality. Makes me laugh. 

  19. Frenchy Bunny says:

    Very informative and funny! He could have easily lost the tripod and his
    camera in the water! Thanks for the Good tips to shoot great landscapes!
    and I’d like to add: please be cautious (cliffs, wind, slippery rocks,
    tide…) when you go and shoot early.

  20. CGPhotoKandou says:

    This is one of my favourite video from you , its emotional, informative and
    funny (shit counter xD)

  21. SmOkin Guam says:

    I’m really new to photography and I was just wondering: why did he change
    the aperture so drastically between the two first pictures? (F2.8-16) and
    what effect does that have exactly for the look of the picture?

  22. Ivan Jr. says:

    isn it ironic he is taking landscape photos in portrait

  23. Susan Johnson says:

    This guy is hilarious as usual. This time, the “shit” counter…

  24. argel ph says:

    Woo! He’s holding the filter. What filter is that, I have seen too much
    chromatic aberration with one of the images.

  25. Chris Boynton says:

    bloody hell Kai what are you like; I often have the same incontinent/weak
    bladder look often and a high “shit” counter :)

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