5 Seconds of Summer – Gotta Get Out (Acoustic)

5 Seconds of Summer - Gotta Get Out (Acoustic)

5 Seconds of Summer performing ‘Gotta Get Out’ an ORIGINAL song live & acoustic —– Download ‘Out of My Limit’ now on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/out-of-my-limit-single/id578213182 …

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25 Responses

  1. Nyellis Styles says:

    Why does everyone hate new fans? I found out about them when they were
    touring with one direction on the TMH tour and got into them early 2014.
    Also why do people pretend that they have been a fan since the beginning
    when they really weren’t? There’s nothing wrong with being a new fan.
    Aren’t we all a fam(ily)? Why hate on the new ones? Would you hate on a
    younger family member just because they hadn’t known you your whole life?
    (I am not talking about fake fans who only know SLSP and their favorite is
    luke). Everyone at one point was a new fan and they understand how hard it
    is to get into a bandom when you weren’t there from the start. We should
    make the new fans feel welcomed because after all we all are the 5sos fam.
    (Sorry for the rant lol)

  2. Mrs. Irwin says:

    like if your still watching this is 2015
    and comment it if you saw Ash smile at 2:30-2:31

  3. Anouk 5SOS 卌 says:

    Ashton please, in the next songs you are going to write, you have to sing

  4. Natalia Traini says:

    Honestly, i still love watchig these

  5. Viv A. says:

    I honestly don’t get why older fans hate the newer fans, I mean yah some
    are fake fans but there’s still a majority of us that absolutely love all
    of them and their old songs. Like why can’t we all just be one huge fandom
    that loves 5sos and respects each other wether we have known them since
    2011 or 2014. I’m just saying I don’t see any other fandoms obsess over
    other fans opinions and how long they’ve known them for. (Just something if
    people think I’m a fake fan: yes I came into the fam in 2014 [April to be
    exact], I don’t really have a fave but if I had to choose it would be
    Calum, and yes I got to interested in the band by slsp but then I went
    looking for the rest of their songs.)

  6. Joshua Caswell says:

    Boys tell my I’m not the only guy here

  7. Serenic Simmerx says:

    This is making me fucking cry how far they’ve gotten. It makes me so
    emotional when I look back at their fetus videos. I missed those days when
    Ashton had straight hair. I missed those days when Michael didn’t dye his
    hair so much. I missed those days when Calum was skinny and so adorable
    (even though he’s still adorable.) I missed those days when Luke was so
    shy. I could see it and feel it. I need to stop right now before I drown my
    myself with my tears. *sighs* I’m fucking crying while writing this
    comment. We just gotta get out..we just gotta get out..

  8. Girl Almighty卌 says:

    omg they were so young

  9. ella clague says:

    They’re so under appreciated because clearly their fan base is pretty much
    teenage girls but really they have great music that any one any age could
    listen too and enjoy. It kinda makes me sad.. They aren’t a boy band and
    they write their own music and are really great live, i wish people would
    notice that. 

  10. Christie Lynne says:

    New fans say their fav hair colour on Michael was whatever dye colour.

    I’m still liking his old dirty blonde.

    Before Michael dyed his hair,
    before Calum had highlights,
    before Luke wore a lip ring,
    before Ashton had a tattoo.

  11. Seleste Richardson says:

    Idk why some older fans call the newer fans “fake fans” I’ve only been in
    this 5SOS Fam since a few months before SLSP but that doesn’t any less of a
    fan as someone who’s been here since Hemmo1996. 

  12. gb lama says:

    I love being part of the 5sos fandom but everyone keeps judging us newer
    fans, calling us fake fans, which isn’t always try. In fact, i’ve only
    known 5sos since SLSP, yet this is actually by far one of my favourites by
    them. I HAVE heard of this song and correct me if I’m wrong, but we’re the
    5sosfam? A family right? So really we should all treat each other equally
    because some of us new fans are kind of getting tired of it now 🙁 I’m not
    trying to be rude, but it can be quite upsetting sometimes to hear we can’t
    even be part of the fandom because we didn’t know who 5sos were a few years
    ago. As long as we are supporting the boys it shouldn’t really even matter

  13. Elana Crown says:

    “Let’s all wear blue jeans and not tell Ashton” 

  14. Christina Gomez says:

    and this didn’t make the album ????

  15. Jeanette Wachira says:

    Ashton was going through a strange acne ridden faze.

  16. marie-claire diehl says:

    When calums v neck is deeper than your vagina

  17. MacKenzie Marylyn says:

    Honestly I haven’t been here since the VERY beginning, but I have been
    quite close. I’m ashamed to say that I USED to be ashamed of telling my
    friends that I liked this band because of their background in music. My
    friends have always been metal heads and against anything peppyer then
    screamo, it took me a while to fully accept my love for this band because
    of my friends, but I’ve finally realized that if they didn’t like me for
    something so simplistic as my music taste, then they’re not my real
    friends. I’m so happy that I can now say that I can and will happily scream
    out that this is my favorite band. I love this fandom because it’s not just
    a fandom, it’s a family, and I’m happy that I can proudly be apart of it,
    because this family means the world to me, It’s the first band to lift my
    spirits so high that I don’ t think about my depression anymore, it’s
    completely gone and I have these four lovely dorks, and the family, to
    thank for that. You guys, I may not know you in real life, or have ever
    talked to you before, but we’re family and thank you so much. I will be
    here till the end. 

  18. Morgan Schmitt says:

    I found out about 5sos in late 2013 and I officialy became apart of the
    5sos family on 4/1/14. I wasn’t here from the begging. I honestly don’t
    care that I wasn’t here in 2011 or 2012. I am here now and here to stay.
    That is what actually matters. Not how long we have been here.

  19. Mark Taylor says:

    did it annoy anyone els who has been here from the start when new fans were
    like ” omg i cant believe its been 3 years” and ” i watched them grow up, i
    always have liked them, i just didnt say anything” ? its like ok, i
    understand your a fan and everything but dont act like you first discovered
    them and own them coz it doesnt matter when you found them when. it just
    annoys me coz they dont no how much these boys have achieved and the
    struggles they went through, so why are you faking that you know. i just
    think its a bit disrespectful.

  20. __Dresler__ says:

    I hate the 500 people who don’t like this video! :)

  21. Nicolete Smiley says:

    2015!!!!!:) I love when they laugh at the end of the song, it was so

  22. arvinandtrish says:

    Old fans would actually watch this while new fans WOULD disrespect old fans
    and watch slsp

  23. Brittany Raymond says:

    Calum’s voice has gotten so deep! OMG!!! I still love it thought <3

  24. starr789100 says:

    I think I said this on here before but I really like this video and song
    because its the video I found them with like the same month and then i
    googled them and thats when I became a fan.

  25. frances clark says:

    +Samantha Moreno 卌 killing you with fetus Michael

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