5 Reasons Space Exploration Matters to You | What the Stuff?!

Space exploration is cool, but it’s also expensive. So why should we keep throwing all this money into orbit? Subscribe http://bit.ly/1AWgeM7 Twitter https://twitter.com/HowStuffWorks Facebook…
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22 Responses

  1. HowStuffWorks says:

    Have you ever wondered why we should keep throwing money into orbit? Ben
    has a few really good ways that space exploration is important.

  2. NEGATION of P says:

    In most cases I really like the content on this channel however I am
    shocked and infuriated that you would start this video by alleging
    “exploring space is pretty expensive” and “we are throwing so much money
    into orbit” (0:20) It is just embarrassing that a channel dedicated to
    science and explaining “how stuff works” would make such ignorant and
    potentially harmful statements. 

  3. Kyle Jaber says:

    The population is going to flatline between 10-12 billion. Even if we have
    16 billion nothing is going to happen. Idiot. But what they meant was if
    we’re polluting at the same rate when we hit 16 billion then were fucking
    ourselves over 

  4. Leo Blight says:

    Seems like we should figure out how to live on this planet together before
    we can go somewhere else and mess it up there! 

  5. Jags4lifefan says:

    It’s kind of weird seeing Ben in a video that doesn’t involve conspiracies;
    and looking pretty casual in a place that is descriptive, as opposed to a
    nondescript place.

  6. Avinash Maharaj says:

    Make a video on space exploration conspiracy 

  7. clnmyjts says:

    5 Reasons Space Exploration Matters? yeah.. it important because NASA and
    all its stars are light yrs away data is all bullshit…

    Logically the thought of a star being a light yrs away? think about it?
    I would say we would even be able to see its light from earth!

    This thought alone is enough top call bullshit 1,000 time over on NASA
    and take back or rights to have honest space program that give us logical
    reasonably data rather than all this bullshit about stars being light yr
    away. ( think about my friends ) They say the sun is 93 million miles away
    and takes 8 minutes and 20 seconds to reach the earth?

    NOW think about 4 light yrs away? It`s all bullshit my friends. NASA is
    one big fake stage hoax space program.

    Proxima Centauri claims the honor of being our true nearest neighbor at
    only 4.24 light years away. – See more at:

  8. Paddington says:

    That bowling alley is so bloody distracting 

  9. Hivolt Arc says:

    Interesting, my question is why should our tax dollars go to fund something
    that we are not allowed to see? NASA is a arm of the military, if you doubt
    this, please check its charter. Why would the data gathered from MARS have
    to go through a private sector security firm, before the people at NASA can
    see it? What on Mars is of “nation security” concern?

  10. phattieg says:

    Why are you yelling, Ben?

  11. Imurge says:

    I think they planning to wipe out mankind and start a new life

  12. MrRavenXavier says:

    What are you doing here Ben this isn’t stuff they don’t want me to know?
    This is Stuff They Let Us Know!!

  13. Awon2zip says:

    Ha “no pressure”

  14. NathanRomml says:

    You know what can kill you faster then asteroid, funny guy?
    Cancer, war, ebola, aging.

  15. Kamil Polkowski says:

    or you know….depopulate the planet by few billion…

  16. Ozbrithian says:

    1. A asteroid could wipe us out tomorrow. When are we going to build the
    super nukes or whatever to fight them? If we have not started an asteroid
    defense plan yet this point is an insulting red herring.
    2. And those super cool inventions could not have been possible without
    trillions of money stolen at gunpoint. Worth it?
    3. If private enterprises want to mine the moon more power to them. As long
    as no government money is used to get them there. I can’t be the only one
    sick of corporate welfare.
    4. Then ask for private donations to fund things like SETI ect. I would
    donate a few dollars to searching for aliens if it was a private non-profit
    thing, and holding fundraisers at Sci-Fi cons would raise billions.
    5. I agree but from what I understand the population is expected to peek in
    about 50 years then start to decrease. Overpopulation will stop being a
    huge issue long before we can deport even a billion by even the most
    optimistic estimate. If we want to better feed the world I would be more
    interested in more clean fresh water and higher yielding crops particularly
    in poor countries.

    Also ending many of the destructive policies that lead to the rampant third
    world poverty that leads to such population growth ranging from
    agricultural dumping to propping up dictators, to failed economic policies
    [compare Botswana with Zimbabwe].

  17. Ginja Ninja says:

    1st :D

  18. Avinash Maharaj says:

    Stuff they want you to know

  19. Sahlokir Dragon says:

    Oh if i woulf see space i would cry of happiness sooo badly… I will
    propably didint even care if i would die… Cause my life would be complete

  20. Antiti Anapantiti says:

    I thought that SETI was the proof that alien life aready exists..

  21. Ferrocity Technologies says:

    This is complete lunacy! Nothing you said is how anything actually works!

  22. Fat Fox says:

    Num.6-cause it´s cool!

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