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25 Responses

  1. Jazzy Jezz says:

    Not giving a fuck about what people think is definitely the secret to
    enjoying life.

  2. Ben Zimmerman says:

    I don’t even have to watch the rest of the video. The first one was just

  3. Quinn O'Connor says:

    That car on fire was the smoke signal for encore

  4. Alexandrea thegreat says:

    the guy at the gym sounds like my washing machine. 

  5. Allan Bond says:

    Laughed my arse off at Popcorn guy, what a fuckin legend, i doubt he even
    knows how to give a fuck, Legendary display of having no fucks to give
    about what people think

  6. TheComputerScientist says:

    1:28 What the *FUCK* was that guy doing?

  7. rtyerh trjrje says:

    The dude at the gym got skills. I bet most of you couldn’t do that.

  8. Tom Jones says:

    peruvian flute band! If southpark has taught me anything……….

  9. Will Bauermeister says:

    did you just blame a half dozen musicians who were at least keeping people
    calm, but didn’t blame 3-4 dozen people standing, watching, filming,
    panning back and forth?

  10. Jammin Jibblets says:

    Holy shit guys look at that fucking fire [keeps playing the flute] 

  11. Sherpaful says:

    That wasn’t a burning car. Those Indians were just sending smoke signals
    around the town translated to “Come see our show. In town for one day

  12. SuɱtɧɩɳMstBAʋaɩℓaƄℓε says:

    1:40 – LOL!! oh that had me laughing.

  13. Not Your Ghoulfriend says:

    The man at the gym….LOL! I think I gained a six pack from laughing so
    How was the person recording not dying???

  14. Jacob Archer says:

    Damn straight Prince took one of that mans nachos. 

  15. Nannu Boy says:

    The dude at the gym…. LMAOOOOOOOOOOO
    FU**er got ups.

  16. cskillet2003 says:

    Those peruvian flute bands are taking over! I think there’s a business
    idea there.

  17. Slaying Mantis says:

    that dude in the truck lmao

  18. Nate Demerez says:

    That dude with the popcorn was some funny shit, you’re right it didn’t give
    two shits!

  19. MegaSnake1000 says:

    Are the people in the comments who are saying that the car is a smoke
    signal being racist or serious?

  20. Jonathan Sursely says:

    Detroit Tigers kicking ass? Your damn right. 

  21. The Minecraft ProPvper says:

    hahahah that fat black nigga stole a mexican nacho ahahahahahah

  22. Andy Schuster says:

    Prince Fielder LOL! GO DETROIT

  23. 2SWOOD says:

    First guy owned it.

  24. Ben McGready says:

    The beat that gym guy made actually sounded pretty sweet!

  25. KingRabid says:

    backstory: the show didnt start UNTIL the car started burning. the natives
    have long awaited a cataclysm to wipe out this detestable society built on
    machines. they were passing by (in caravan format), saw a car burning and
    impatiently thought the beginning of natures revolution had begun. they
    were merely celebrating too early. the end. send money to my paypal kthx~

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