5 of 16 The One Skate – Skate Ski Techniques English Cadets Canada.wmv How to Skate Ski

http://www.facebook.com/SaskatoonArmyCadets The one skate technique. Please watch all 16 videos in this series. They will give you a very good overview of the skate skiing technique.

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3 Responses

  1. Keith Mas says:

    very disappointed…. by watching the 30 seconds video, I thought I would
    have become the new Dario Colonna… I am hopeless…. lol

  2. Saskatoon Cadets says:

    Yes, that is helpful, thank you for your response.

  3. LimesNorrlandicus says:

    It takes a whole lifetime to perfect the technique. These skiiers are not
    very fluid in their movements. Try to study Marcus Hellner, Johan Olsson or
    Per Elofsson instead for example.

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