5 Minute Home Full Body Workout — This Workout Gets You RIPPED

Requires: Mat/Towel,Dumbbells Primarily for beginners and travelling Variation A begins at 0:32 Variation B begins at 7:18 Repeat Variations A & B 3 times for a total of 6 sets (ABABAB: 35…

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22 Responses

  1. Fasial Kp says:

    Really Sexy workout it is 

  2. Christopher Mir says:

    How heavy of dumbells are you using in this?

  3. David Finol says:

    The “5 minute” title is misleading. Still, good though.

  4. Ddmckenzie says:

    Is this workout for woman also. 

  5. Airickk2021 says:

    Check out my latest video where I hit a bird with a garden rake. It is
    taking the internet by storm.

  6. joe pg Pom says:

    serge ibaka!

  7. SuperOrtalion says:

    How many a day You doing that cycle? and how many in week ?

  8. Roberto Di Bellonia says:

    looks like u got a gh gut lol

  9. Daniel Lau says:

    is it 1g/lb from your current bodyweight or when you were at maintenence?
    thats what is confusing me lol

  10. soundtrackoflife666 says:

    how much weight should the dumb bells be? i am a women , just starting and
    i have 3 kg dumb bell? thanx

  11. fahmy aziz says:

    how much i must do this for a week ?

  12. UstadZed says:

    YOUR video is more goodEr then the other 1 that you go Woosh too.

  13. zgahvi led says:

    Shout out from canada , love the videos love accent I love the advice.. I
    live at home with my mom we don’t have a lot of money so I can’t really
    afford to buy weights she got me some resistance bands I just wanted to get
    your take on them can I build an attractive body with just bands and body
    weight exercises.. and im eventually hopefully going to get weights
    probably but for right now I’m wondering how far can I go how much muscle
    can I build.. thanks for your time.

  14. Daniel Lau says:

    love the videos :).i have a question i am currently cutting and on a 500
    calorie defecit and was wondering what macro %s to use on refeed days?
    current macros 159p 159c 36f i weigh 155lbs my calories maintenece level is
    2090, i am 18% bodyfat not sure if its accurate though and also how often
    do i refeed eg once a week twice a week? thanks

  15. Bradley Aidan Johnson says:

    a what?

  16. Bradley Aidan Johnson says:

    Went over this in a refeed vid I did but refeed stats are:maintenance
    calories,1g/lb. body weight protein, 20% calories from fat and rest carbs

  17. patrick ral says:

    hey mate i like all your videos and i subscribed, i am going on a cut and i
    am 185 pounds and my macros for cutting are 232 grams in protein 49 grams
    of fat and 203g of carbs, my total calories is 2175 .how would i Measured
    out brown rice ,chicken Brest and eggs so the fit those macros.I greatly
    appreciate it if i could get some help as I have been stumped for a while.

  18. zgahvi led says:

    5 min ???

  19. AddyG22 says:

    Hey bro, how did you lose all that weight? :O i need help!!!

  20. Bradley Aidan Johnson says:

    Controlling diet and resistance training

  21. dena meso says:

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    “Ripped X Beast”, but then they saw the results. Go and Google Ripped X
    Beast to see their reaction.

  22. Geeta Agarwal says:

    If you desire to burn calories quickly, you should look up on google “Windy
    Fat Loss”. They can help you get the body you deserve.

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