5 Easy & Fast Breakfast ideas for School!

Thumbs up if you guys wanna see a room tour once I’m finished decorating! Looooove you 🙂 My PO Box! Bethany Mota P.O Box #519 Hilmar, CA 95324 OTHER FUN THINGS 🙂 Twitter: http://twitter.com/ …
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25 Responses

  1. Bethany Mota says:

    I missed your faces. A LOT. Seriously I think I started to get separation
    anxiety or something.
    I loooooove my motafam 🙂 you guys are the best. reading your comments
    right now! xoxoxo

  2. Bethany Mota says:
  3. Nicky & Annie says:

    i kinda wish beth didn’t become super famous now she has no time to make
    videos cauz of all the other opportunities she’s gotten

  4. Jerzey Allen says:

    Her right eyebrow is higher that her left lol 

  5. Durr e Samin says:

    IS UPLOADING VIDEOS FAST. You know she is a HUMAN BEING. There will be a
    day when she gets married. And there is also a day when she gets old. So
    stop being so MEAN. You are not like the owner of her life. It is her
    choice to make videos or not. A person can be busy. She is getting fame
    because of her hardwork. Stop saying stuff like that. 

  6. Rianne Coops says:

    Your eyebrows aren’t equal

  7. ViMKE777 says:

    I made the pancakes but they werent very good

  8. styleonlinexx says:

    Im having a beth marathon

  9. MyHammyshen says:

    Like if your watching in 2015 and love beth 

  10. Romina Marjomaki says:

    you spelt banana wrong

  11. Breana Dacey says:

    You don’t deserve the amount of subscribers and views you have for the
    amount of videos you post. There are hard working youtubers who need more
    recognition that don’t get it and they post regularly. 

  12. megan holly says:

    I tried the pancakes and they were gross, they were a grey colour and not
    pancake texture at all, they were kind of wet and I tried to cook them even
    more and they were properly cooked but they were just gross, I tried them
    twice and they turned out the same, anyone know why ??

  13. Ella Lee Lee says:

    Like can you people just grow up? She’s busy because WE gave her the
    opportunity to do the amazing things that she does! And if you had the
    chance of a lifetime like that would you take it!!? I know I would! So just
    stop hating grow up and except the fact that you should be happy for
    her:she’s beautiful and smart, talented and she loves you guys! P.S I love
    ya Beth your such an amazing remodel and person in general! Congrats on all
    your accomplishments!!

  14. Elena KK says:

    what’s the song ayt 6:27? :D

  15. Kiel Capriça says:

    Please i want the title of the song in 6 minutes to 7 ..8

  16. Definitely Danielle says:

    anyone notice she got that breakfast pizza out of the oven bare handed? lol

  17. Dionisia Mp says:

    I actually made the pancakes and they turned out really tasty!

  18. Melinda Darnell says:


  19. Leighton Marie says:

    Yeah it’s 2k15 right now and you still post once a month

  20. Taylor Reed says:

    You’ve forgotten about the people who brought you where you are now. 

  21. sher cyfgh says:

    Who’s better Beth or zoella

  22. ._.thatawkwardnerd._. says:

    She’s really pretty why is she still single

  23. JustNathalia says:

    What’s the name of the song playing @ 6:25? When she s flipping the

  24. Kailee Elise says:

    Does anyone know what song was playing after she said that you can put
    blueberries in the pancakes if you want to? 

  25. minimoonit25 says:

    All u idiots complaining about her never posting videos anymore need to
    realize that if u care so fucking much about her posting room tours, makeup
    tutorials and materialistic shit then ur life is going to lead nowhere. She
    deserves every bit of fame she has achieved and unlike u losers she is
    making the most out of life, seriously, how can u care so much about this
    shit to bully her??

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