40 McChickens at McDonalds.. what’s up? (;

McDonalds had a long day today, making 40 McChickens. Turns out they were mad about it. :P.

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25 Responses

  1. dillon revells says:

    Master games I too work at Mickey ds and if us that’ve trouble with an
    order of 10 hamburgers then I fell bad for u we have sales for 49/69 cents
    hambuergs and chesse burgers we get order all the time for 7 of each on one
    order it is not unusual for use to have 20 plus cheeseburger or gamers on
    screen at all time. Plus normal everyday orders I hope u don’t work in the

  2. Victoria Gearhart says:

    This is hilarious in my point of view

  3. Princess Autumn Mii says:

    ……I’m eating a McChicken while watching this!!! XD

  4. Lance Anderson says:

    You kids seriously need to find something better to do with your life
    fucking virgins. Get a life a pathetic pieces of shit I hope each of you
    get fucking killed.

  5. xjuststaytruex says:

    Yeah, we’re assholes. But it’s funny. And, @Onlineshrekjr and @ATCRyderX
    it’s a Honda accord, not a mini van.

  6. rezsky404 says:

    OMG!!!!! I’m so gonna do this next time I go to mcdonalds. Lmao

  7. mastergamer591 says:

    That is mean!! I work at mcdonalds and we struggle with 10 hamburger
    orders….imagine this

  8. ryanfranceschina says:

    well there goes 40 dollars haha not worth it at all. hardly even funny

  9. Onlineshrekjr says:

    what car is that?

  10. Lance Anderson says:

    Btw nice fag emo song lmao

  11. ATCRyderX© says:

    Honda MiniVan. Probly belongs to one of his Dads.

  12. Hassan Zafar says:

    You guys are idiots. Fuck

  13. DragonLady24 says:

    When ur laughing in the car and making it seem like a joke, that guy has
    the right to hand it to you as a joke and say what he wants, you guys are
    assholes and deserve to be treated as assholes.

  14. FordBroncoxlt says:

    What a bunch if little bitches

  15. pasteface2000 says:

    What were the songs in this?

  16. TheRang3purx says:


  17. itsamyxo says:

    LOLOLOLOLOL OMG!!! Burst outt laughinnnng

  18. perfectshadow222 says:

    😀 dat chicken!!!!

  19. wazup4251 says:

    I work at Macca’s here in Australia and if someone came in like the little
    cock weasel you are I would deck you straight away

  20. bgheadbuster says:

    such an asshole rofl

  21. Gregory Petruzella says:

    Kill Yourselves

  22. Felipe Fontes says:

    Hahah this is great that kid was really pissed

  23. End0987612 says:

    WTF why does this have less than 1000 views! This was hilarious!!

  24. Tj Wanless says:

    Dude, thats not even that many McChicken. We just ordered 200 at our

  25. Giselle Torres says:

    AHHAH XD <333333

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