3D Printing Console Controller Holders : Ultimate Game Room

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24 Responses

  1. Barnacules Nerdgasm says:

    #3DPrinting & Installing #Console Controller Holders for the #NerdCave
    Bedroom. #xbox360 #xboxone #ouya

  2. Нескажу Нескажухов says:

    Shut stupid aftor….

  3. The Marionette says:

    why not print the shell of a controller

  4. ---ElectroMan--- says:

    How about a table-clamping cup holder and chip bag holder? Mountain Dew and
    Doritos aren’t going to consume themselves.

  5. HornbyCrazy says:

    Dude. I got my robo 3d to do a 44min print in 6 min with 300 feed rate

  6. Michael De Santa says:

    Now he can print himself a girlfriend

  7. mdj2010 says:

    I have been searching for this exact product and can’t find it anywhere.
    Now I can just send the model design away to get them made. Thanks!

  8. derp.mp3 says:

    im telling you, rich people have it easy

  9. SorainyBoy says:

    These insults regarding his weight are so funny. A bunch of arrogant
    children trying to put him down, too bad Jerry has too much self worth and
    self-esteem for it to even phase him.

  10. t800 says:

    Jerry would it be possible to 3d print the actual controller shell?

  11. Ismael Miranda says:

    pana sube el el archivo que generastes para imprimirlo en 3d 

  12. minecraftvideo2547 says:

    well when i need some thing i go on amaazon

  13. Raymond Emde says:

    Oh yea sure if your made out of money. 3d printers are way to expensive for
    the average person 

  14. youssef chehade says:

    Xbox controllers? Hangers? M8 your doing stuff for people that went back in

  15. Dom Saiki says:

    WOW! Thats awesome. You are awesome

  16. Crestoify says:

    NO JERRY NO! it’s “LIKE A BAWWS” not “Like a bos”

  17. MATTY ander says:

    3d print a 3d printer

  18. Allenyowz says:

    Chicken biscuit Chicken in a biscuit Chicken…

  19. jerome pita says:

    now he can print himself a life

  20. menno hulleman says:

    Uploaded on 213 how the fack do you have xbox one

  21. Sam Ramster says:

    Just stop kalling him fat because he is not

  22. FamilyTaco says:

    One question.. can u reprint any replacement spines, or do you have to
    reprint the whole mount?
    also does this mount hold any PS controllers?
    ty for ur help

  23. John C says:


  24. Budder warrior571 says:

    im new to the channel and subscribed on your setup for the man cave and let
    me just say that is freaking AWESOME!!! when I get older I am going to try
    going for triple monitor setups because my friends has one and it is just
    amazing…. I was thinking that you should try 3d printing the butter fly
    knife that the spy uses from tf2.. if you did that already im sorry but im
    new to the channel… anyways keep making more videos keep being awesome
    anyways thanks!!!!

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