3 Minutes! Financial Ratios and Financial Ratio Analysis Explained

OMG wow! So easy clicked here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZZFBkbC2lA for Financial Ratio Analysis Explained Financial Ratio Analysis Explained in 3 minutes Sometimes it’s not enough to…
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  1. Paul Shu Chun Wong says:

    Thank you very much, it is very useful!!!!

  2. MBAbullshitDotCom says:

    @Patrick much gratitude to you too!
    @ThaiNguyen, glad you like the subtitles!
    @Anand I’m flattered that you shared my channel!

  3. Top 5 says:

    Awesome! Thank u. :)

  4. S.M. Shohag says:
  5. NARFX FK says:

    Lol fav channel…
    teacher played one of your vids in class…
    eppic MBA BULLSHIT at the end of the vid hahahaha

  6. alltimejust says:

    You really have to start putting the next video link in your description or
    something! It’s really “bullshity” to have to look for is in the ling list
    of video you got!!!!!!!

  7. yarra Sravan Kumar reddy says:

    superb bass very nice

  8. Hifaz Hamza says:

    I finished my degree in finance recently, I just found out these videos
    now. Pretty cool collection. Subscribing you! 

  9. Saeed Alhamlan says:

    Big LIKE boss ^_^

  10. David bond says:

    Thanks for this, doing CIPS level 4, this has help me :-)

  11. rami fansa says:

    A New Look about What Financial ratio means.

  12. James Perry says:

    Very nice vid. Made e_z to understand and likeable. Thank u.

  13. ben sepp says:

    Can anyone help me calculate a companies “earnings stability”, a link or
    formula would be very helpful. Maybe there is a more commonly used name
    that I’m not aware of, any help would be appreciated.

  14. Ferenkeh koroma says:

    grate helping with myexams

  15. Ruth Bosibori says:

    lmao MBAbullshit .Thanks!

  16. kaYcestYler says:

    Wow so easily explained!

  17. Riaz Murad says:

    lol 11 hours until my exam, so thank you for being here for me

  18. steven rey Porquiado says:

    Thank u MBA bullshit for sharing your knowledge. More power to you!!!

  19. Mitchell Borders says:

    +MBAbullshitDotCom Is there on certain number you look at to determine
    which company is the best if you are comparing four different company’s?

  20. Stepheon Coles says:

    Awesome way to share knowledge. I have spent the last couple of days
    staring at a text book learning nothing. Thanks!!

  21. Iven Tu says:


  22. jacob joseph says:

    ur awesome !!!

  23. Pablo Reyes says:

    Easy to understand, practical!

  24. Sathish bilagi says:

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