3 (CA practise)How To File Online Returns For Multiple Form 16 (Case 1-Salary from 2 Different Firm)

Here Chidambaram writes “Dear Amlan , can you please explain how to fill online returns for Multiple form 16 “. Solution – Though i posted a comment solution ,i thought it would be apt if i…
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  1. rakesh kumar says:

    Thanks a lot Amlan! for making able me to file ITR myself.

  2. sundeep ghai says:

    I have not seen the Videos till now but I think you know the real meaning
    of Knowledge Amlan,your concept and objective is too good.I appreciate it,I
    am not so educated but know the true that 90% teachers taught as a Bookish
    language but we Learn only when we decide and the teacher taught us from
    heart not from book.After seeing videos,I will definitely give my views on

  3. Indian Indian says:

    Amlan, Your documentary on filing returns have been very helpful. Its very
    easy to follow. Thanks. 

  4. Ravinder Reddy says:

    Thanks Amlan. This would help a lot.

    What if I have few investments to declare and HRA?. Should just inputting
    the numbers in the return sheet be enough?. Should I need to attach the
    supporting documents and mail them to Income Tax department?. Please help
    me with this query. Thank You 

  5. farhan jafar says:

    how to submit proof of investment if somebody has done tax saving
    investment like investment in medical insurance in lic which comes under
    section 80d and lots of others.please tell as i can see that you are only
    mentioning the numbers in itr’s form and no proof has been attached while
    filing, it looks as anybody can mention any numbers of his/her deduction
    and ultimately claim as per his wish.please tell for both salaried and non
    please reply.

  6. Dodul Paul says:

    Very Helpful . Thank you Amlan for uploading this video..

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