2013 Celebrate National Day @ Hong Lim Park – A Video For Singaporeans Who Made The Event Special

This assemblage of ad-hoc vidshots compiled as a short movie contains expressions of generosity, conviction, compassion that’s meaningful to me because it’s unrehearsed & spontaneous. The…

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9 Responses

  1. cadmiumpureland says:

    Yeah, agree with you; These are important events. And they should be
    recorded & made available for all to watch. Cheers!!!

  2. ybbolb says:

    Will definitely be there again next year!!

  3. Matters Of Our Heart says:

    Hello ybbolb, it appears from the press conference that Gilbert is
    examination whether celebrations of such nature should be continued next
    year 🙁 On reflection, my views are part of active citizenry involves
    voicing out concerns & celebrating causes & beliefs. Perhaps our views are
    in the minority.

  4. cadmiumpureland says:

    Nice video which offer an overall feel of the events. I think more people
    upload the videos of the same event is better in the long run because there
    may be times when nobody upload anything at all, and also, each person may
    only cover a certain part of the event, according to his own preference &
    perspective. I believe nobody can cover everything; Each person has a part
    to play & contribute; We need diversity. I am still searching for the press
    conference video; Nobody upload the video?

  5. Matters Of Our Heart says:

    IMO, organisers are aware but mindful to respect the message each speaker
    intends to convey. It’s hard to be in celebratory mood if one is being
    sued, cannot understand celebrations expressed in non dialect language, or
    see the institution of NS being promoted in strange ways. It’s a juggling
    act as organizer don’t want to be associated only with protests. I’m sure
    viewers can discern for themselves & if so, then the internet is
    functioning as it should & the viewers maturing as they should 🙂

  6. Super Kumantong says:

    Few years down the road, there will be 2 places to celebrate Singapore
    National Day. The main one will be full of foreigners, PRs and new
    immigrants at Marina Bay and another one at Hong Lim Park , filled with

  7. ybbolb says:

    Certain speakers however is making it a little too political though. Almost
    like an election rally.

  8. Super Kumantong says:

    I was there. I chose to go there because this is the only time and place I
    can feel like a Singaporean, where everyone there is a Singaporean.

  9. Matters Of Our Heart says:

    Thank you for sharing your views cadmiumpureland and enjoying the above
    video. It’s great to know you’re part of the diversity in recording
    footages of historically important but ‘quiet’ events. I have footage of
    the “press” conference. There’s some audio distortion to bear with.
    otherwise, wait a while as the video has just been assembled & is being
    uploaded right now 🙂

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