20 Most Shocking Children’s Toys Ever Made

20 Most Shocking Children’s Toys Ever Made

From fake poo children can mold into various shapes to World Trade Center Toys and racist Barbies, We count 20 of the most shocking children’s toys ever made. Click Here To Subscribe! http://bit….

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24 Responses

  1. Wacky Wednesday says:

    From fake poo children can mold into various shapes to World Trade Center
    Toys and racist Barbies, We count 20 of the most shocking children’s toys
    ever made. Click Here To Subscribe! http://bit.ly/xWackyWednesday

  2. Edison Huntley says:

    My Grandma owns that toy cow thingy
    Its just a decoration now.

  3. Old Man Grandpa says:

    Am I an ass for wanting the Titanic one?

  4. Alaina Tolliver says:

    20: nope
    19: no! Poor kitty!
    18: uh…
    17: (face palm)
    16: ummm…
    15: (face palm x2)
    14: I think I had one…
    13: I read into to much…
    12: scary…
    11: That is somewhat funny
    10: really?
    9: shocking….
    8: umm. Looks harmless..
    7: who in their right mind made that?!
    6: umm… nope
    5: (face palm x4)
    4: really?! Wtf
    3: nope nope nope
    2: sigh… really?!
    1: So you treat kids like they are crazy in the head?! That is not
    traumatizing at all..( cough cough THAT IS CRUEL cough cough)

  5. Akechi Kokoro says:

    To be honest.. I want the Pee/Poo plushes.

  6. Kirsten Ablonczy says:


  7. 1977raph says:

    Some of these parents have sick minds. 

  8. bellametallica says:

    what is with the obsession of making feces toys for children?! 

  9. Cool Meme says:

    I would never want a roadkill cat as a gift…sad. 

  10. PitchTheWitch says:

    I want 11….
    I know, I know, I’m very childish for my age….

  11. Purple Pie says:

    Okay, I kinda like the Oreo Barbie idea, but why did they have to make her
    black? That’s so racist

  12. Marissa the Writer says:

    These are all pretty fucked up toys.
    Especially 17, 11, 10, 9, 7, 6, and… I might as well just stop, I think
    my point has been made.

  13. Foxy The Pirate Fox says:

    19 is so sad. Omg do they know that is sorta making fun of cats who got hit
    by cars?

  14. Nick Mccolm says:

    what is this, a danger dolin rip-off?

  15. [Furfagging Intensifies] says:

    We need postal 2 action figures :^)

  16. Madi Day says:

    When i was younger i had number 14

  17. Kuro Akasha says:

    The moment Childbirth Barbie came onto the screen I freaking lost it.

  18. Marlissa Cunningham says:

    I don’t understand why people are so weirded out by their children actually
    knowing about pregnancy and breast feeding. The pregnant barbie was a great
    learning tool for a lot of kids whose moms could explain that barbie had a
    baby in her tummy just like mommy did when they were having a younger
    sibling. Also, the breast feeding thing…it’s just a cute little
    contraption that kids can put on a “pretend” to breast feed. Kids can still
    “pretend” to without it. This doesn’t make it go away. Kids like to
    copycat. I wanted to have my grandmother pretend I was a dog and arrange
    pound puppies to suckle on me the same way she had to arrange the real
    puppies to get to suckle our dog so they all had a teat. Kids are
    fascinated by things….it’s not bad. The bad part is when you are too
    afraid to teach them and then they grow up and learn it wrong.

  19. angel kingston says:

    I loved cabbage patch dolls I even had one when I was 4 the wasn’t a
    problem then

  20. Katya Zolotuhina says:

    20. Nope
    19. Really
    18. No just no
    17. Face palm
    16. Uh
    15. Talk about disrespect
    14. Not that bad
    13. Face palm (x2)
    12. Freaky
    11. Freaky
    9. WTF
    8. Eh
    7. Cool
    6. No just no
    5. Face palm (x4)
    4. WTF
    3. Talk about racist
    2. Really
    1. Face palm (x5)

  21. Grant Newell says:

    I’ve been on the inflatable titanic when I was little

  22. Rosie Shaw says:

    I found the child birth babies thing really inappropriate but I don’t know
    what was wrong with the toy cow and dog tanner one? And the aquapet ones. I
    have an aquapet and didn’t even notice it may have slightly been shaped
    like a penis… seriously! Adults see fecking penises in everything that is
    a long thinish shape!

  23. Christopher Valladares says:

    I want 7 anyone else want it

  24. Jasmine Harley says:

    All I have to say is for #2, seriously? These guys must have run out of

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