20 Inventions We Shouldn’t Live Without

A list of 20 brilliant inventions you never knew you needed. Visit our site: http://TopTrending.com Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTrending Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter….

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25 Responses

  1. Top Trending says:

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  2. Captain Camera says:

    Seriously… pizza scissors…*Face Palm*

  3. amber marie says:

    Yes you need an unbrella coffee cup holder becuase we only have one hand…

  4. Darrel Mahan II says:

    Baby stroller scooter is going to end very badly

  5. tubs6199 says:

    How do you cut the other side of the pizza slice?

  6. Dave Strider/Ciel Phantomhive/John Egbert/Gamzee Makara says:

    He sounds like CaptainSparklez-

  7. Olivia Tupac says:

    My friend has the fruit spray one. We went around spraying people with
    potato juice. :)

  8. salena says:

    The only problem with the hourglass traffic lights is that colorblind
    people might not be able to see it as well.

  9. Counter-Terrorists win says:

    RETARD? Humanity is becoming lazier and lazier every day.

  10. ThePsychoticPurple says:

    I can’t stand the guys voice….

  11. Gamermonkey243 says:

    My cat is too fat for the cat table…

  12. OMGitsWaflz -Alex says:

    With the recycling Candle, how would it work there’s no more string in the
    candle. After its all burnt out.

  13. RainyCakezAJ says:

    Umbrella with cup holder….interesting and could be handy, but you have
    two hands for a reason. I understand if you’re carrying something else, but
    let’s be serious. Foggy mirror wiper….WTF?! You have HANDDDDS.

    Scooter stroller….yeah, because sometimes you’re just to lazy to WALK.
    Yeah, your cat’s bed on your table, because that doesn’t get in the way or

    Stop being lazy! What’s next, “Hey guys, look, you know how it’s really
    hard to BREATHE? Well I’m made a mask so you don’t have to do it yourself

  14. Mala Radionica says:

    0:42 Шта ако неко залепи жваку испод клупе 

  15. Ms K. Johnson says:

    Okay after the first 10 I didn’t care about watching anymore. Maybe you’ll
    like them

  16. girl gamer says:
  17. AutopilotGaming says:

    This is for people with #firstworldproblems

  18. Sunny-D Curles says:

    The last invention. I love candals!

  19. BigFat Mines says:

    the stroller/scooter looks dangerous!

  20. Lightspeed says:

    Yeah I’m going to be able to see those traffic lights clearly
    Yeah I’m going to buy a gadget that falls off my mirror all the time
    instead of using five seconds with my hair dryer
    Yeah I’m going to trust my expensive electronics in a multi-socket with
    removable parts
    Yeah I’m going to buy a tool that gets 40% of the juice in my fruit and
    squeeze the rest instead of squeezing all of it
    Yeah my cat will love that table because all my other toys and sets worked
    perfectly too
    Yeah spaghetti was nearly impossible to eat for hundreds of years until now
    with the whole “Hold it horizontally” thing
    Yeah my pocket sized umbrella was so much of a hassle I thought I needed to
    carry it like a purse
    Yeah the pros of egg whites not outweighing the cons is a problem for

  21. Christan Marr says:

    My dad has a ring bottle opener we call his cat ring.

  22. Wendy Morgan says:

    no offence but the title should be called 20 weird inventions for lazy

  23. Sihinta S says:

    The fish thing that separates egg yolks,, you can just use a normal plastic
    drink bottle for that =_=

  24. Anais-jade xxx Skinner says:

    I could live without all of these inventions , coz I am !! Xxx

  25. Gerald Khoza says:

    +Mapaseka Setlhodi Talk about out the box :O

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