2 Techniques for Stimulating Hair Growth

In this video I discuss and describe 2 techniques I’ve used to stimulate hair growth. Hair grows naturally on its own every month, but here are some techniques I’ve tried to aid the process:…
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16 Responses

  1. energyandlite says:

    I may not be saying the name right but here’s the Tea on it….LOL! Check
    out this YT Channel this is the Lady that started it all :
    OhValerieMonCherie’s. Go back to see her old videos she’ll show you how to
    make it…. I Wish You Well….Go Make That Cake (Money)!

  2. energyandlite says:

    Congratulation So Very Good For U! I know you are glad. On to the Cayenne
    Pepper….WOW! I had to stop using HairDrenalin Potion cause you ALWAYS
    have to be mindful of your hands, if you itch your scalp and you must
    remember not to touch your eyes or lips……It just got to aggravated so I
    stopped using it all together.

  3. Special K says:

    Awe Trinity 119 too cute. Happy to hear you are okay, very happy to see you
    back. I love doing scalp massages.

  4. Shelleegrad10 says:

    Thank you!

  5. Texlaxed Tresses says:

    LOL 119!!!!

  6. energyandlite says:

    You’re a Sweet Girl I know U will Do Well! I made minds the easy way…LOL!
    I mixed all the ingredients that I had in a tortoise bottle and let it
    infuse for mabe one month, then strained it…I really think the black tea
    is the key…..Now that I’ve learned that Castor Oil makes my scalp itch,
    next time I will make it with a diff. oil and minus that hot tail

  7. newchick10 says:

    Great tips.

  8. Shelleegrad10 says:

    We’ve been working on learning 9-1-1 ever since! lol

  9. energyandlite says:

    Ur Most Welc…..

  10. Shelleegrad10 says:

    Awww…Thank you. That was so sweet of you to say : ) Your method does
    sound a lot easier!

  11. energyandlite says:

    I’ve tried you massage tips, I like the fact that the new growth isn’t
    being moved to much…Thanks for sharing…

  12. Shelleegrad10 says:

    Lol. Girl I was completely focused on school. I was not trying to mess up
    my grades!I graduated May 4th : )

  13. Shelleegrad10 says:

    Awww thanks for your comment. I’m happy to be back, you ladies always leave
    such sweet comments on my page. : ) I love scalp massages too. They’re so

  14. Shelleegrad10 says:

    Thanks for the tea @blueandblessed! I looked at her tutorial. It looks like
    a lot of work, but knowing me and my product obsession, I’ll probably try
    it.lol. I wish you well also, and I most definitely will go make that cake!

  15. Shelleegrad10 says:

    Thank you very much! I am so glad! : ) I have never heard of HairDrenalin
    Potion I will have to look it up. Your experience sounds very similiar to
    the trouble I had with the Cayenne pepper. It can bring great results, but
    you have to be so cautious with it that it’s almost not worth it! I don’t
    know maybe I’m just tramatized. lol.

  16. Shelleegrad10 says:

    Thanks for trying my method. You always give such great feedback! : )

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