2: HAARP Screen/MESSAGE TO ARMED FORCES Sicktoria, Jan 11th 2012.

2: HAARP Screen/MESSAGE TO ARMED FORCES Sicktoria, Jan 11th 2012.

READ THIS: The mind controlled globalist military minions in our own ‘defense’ department have kept the HAARP Screen over us without a break. CHEMTRAILS are the method the globalist military…
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4 Responses

  1. Jokertattooo says:

    @rongrite Hi Ron; I set ’em all to friends comment automatically, all
    others approval only. What a load of crap this is. After all the time we
    spent creating and maintaining these channels they pull this. I am
    reluctant to put anywhere near as much effort into another channel after
    losing all this. That too is by design. Google/CIA SUCKS!

  2. Jokertattooo says:

    @rongrite Good idea Ron and we’re on it. We actually have to have someone
    watching the garden 24 – 7 – 365, too, so we’re trying to get a few more
    like minded (awake) people to pitch in. You wouldn’t believe the shit
    they’re doing to my children and I – or maybe YOU would… BTW: You are
    supposed to be able to comment w/out my approval as a “friend” but I see
    that is no longer a valid thing as of March 1st for people in general. We
    are getting messages/comments from as far as 1 yr ago.

  3. LoveVanillaRose says:

    EVERYONE… Please read what is written below this video!! Valuable
    Information!! Excellent Channel.. Thank You :0)

  4. Jokertattooo says:

    @rongrite They’re still filtering your comments – I tried to stop by and
    there your “friend” option was – GONE. I lost over a thousand “friends” in
    this change over… The geodesic dome sounds good, but you’d need holes in
    it so the HAARP system didn’t blow it to bits… Keeping the aerosol out is
    critical because it bares a slime/vanadium? based medium that seems to grow
    back once you’ve washed it off and you can actually feel it when you are
    out filming the military aerosol assault.

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