19 Weeks Pregnant – Food Troubles, 7lbs, Anatomy Scan, BAD SKIN

Total weight gain is 7lbs I think… 111 to 118. Total “waist gain” is 7 inches haha…25.5 to 32.5. ——- Music By: Kevin MacLeod Song: Dubakupado Music is Royalty-Free. This work is…

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  1. Celeste Gonzalez says:

    TMITMI, i didnt get bellybutton pain i got bellybutton infections, and im 3
    days from 19 weeks, i also noticed that my Nips started leaking though my
    sports bra, i was like oh … hello lol…

  2. Angie Weeks says:

    Interesting how you were craving so much food in the beginning of your
    pregnancy lol! …I was completely opposite! I couldn’t eat anything, I had
    such a difficult time eating plain toast, the whole thing! Now that I’m 19-
    tomorrow 20 weeks, I want to eat a lot more, but I try to keep things small
    so that I don’t over eat! >.< Which means me having to say no to my husband's offers to go out and eat sometimes if it has happened too much lol

  3. Michelle Yu says:

    Try to limit your soy intake as it makes acne worse. Doing this has helped
    a lot with my pregnancy acne.

  4. Edith Tijerina says:

    Your videos are amazing! I see them depending how big i’m getting, and i
    swear i feel everything you say everytime!! Hahaa thanks for uploading

  5. MichaelaLaylah says:

    Check out my 19 week pregnancy video on my channel 🙂

  6. TweedleTee10 says:

    aw! thank you! i love england!!

  7. Terri-Anne Bartlett says:

    Hiya, between my 5-12weeks I didnt want any meat at all no junk food none
    of that- all i wanted was cool fruit i ate a whole bag of oranges at a time
    and salads- also ate whole cucumbers at a time. Also went crazy for grapes-
    now I cant eat them or dont want them. thanx for your updates it keeps me

  8. Megan M says:

    Tofu works well as part of the ‘white sauce’ in lasagne if you aren’t a
    real tofu fan. Google vegan lasagne for some ideas 🙂

  9. mrsrichardson603 says:

    I knew bumpsalongtheways intro was familiar 🙁 sorry they stole it. I used
    to watch you and somehow got unsubscribed but found you again tonight 🙂

  10. JuneMommyAndBaby2012 says:

    I have bad belly button pain. Remember that the belly button is just a big
    scar, there for with the stretching it can hurt very bad. I have another
    scar right under my boob that has the same pain. Sometimes so bad it will
    go numb! I hope it gets better for you!

  11. TweedleTee10 says:

    i’ve never had either but i will look into it – i have a feeling i’m going
    to have to start looking into more vegetarian options because forcing
    myself to eat meat isn’t going well

  12. ebonylamb says:

    Cute video…

  13. TweedleTee10 says:

    yeah, i don’t like my pants being pulled up over it anymore because it
    hurts 🙁

  14. Nbrs7 says:

    Can’t wait to watch ultra sound part 2!!! Lol xXx

  15. Yesenia Gallardo says:

    Im 14 weeks and I have the food problem!! I really can’t eat as much as I
    have to and I try but I just can’t

  16. TinksiehTink says:

    (Cont’d) I like the taste of tempeh far more, especially marinated shortly
    in some soy sauce and french mustard, quickly coated with flour and then
    pan fried in oil (lay them on kitchen paper after frying to get rid of
    excess oil) Served on a sandwich, I find it heaven. Great non-meat sources
    of protein: -bulgur (particularly wholegrain) 1 cup (dry) is 17g protein
    and 25g fiber! -quinoa 1 cup dry is around 15g protein and 7 g fiber.
    -lentils 100gr dry 26g protein, 31g fiber & lots of iron!

  17. HurricaneMelissa25 says:

    What does Alex think about the gender? YOUR GREAT… My sister loved salad
    when she was pregnant with her boys.. LOL

  18. TweedleTee10 says:

    yeah i’m REALLY into iceberg 🙂

  19. TweedleTee10 says:

    i’ve been really concerned about a UTI so i get the midwife to check my
    every four weeks. it’s never come up positive but i have had VERY frequent
    peeing and some pain so i keep asking her to check.

  20. vivivincenza says:

    So jealous, I’m almost 18 weeks and my stomach is no where near that
    obvious yet.

  21. Cinella Reyes says:

    Question: Is that your natural hair? What do you do to it? I love it!

  22. TheBrittbrat2341 says:

    I’ll be 20 weeks tomorrow!!! Can’t believe it… I need to get on the ball!

  23. Ethan & Brady's Fight says:

    I have no insight into the belly button pain but I know how you feel about
    the food issue. I’m in the same boat. I live on salads and subway (which I
    know, lunch meat is “controversial” so might not work for you). I force
    myself to choke down eggs (for protein) a few times a week but I do NOT
    enjoy it! Things that are fresh & cold work best for me. Maybe try
    smoothies with greek yogurt (lots of protein, like 30g between the yogurt &
    milk), those work for me and I actually look forward to them!

  24. Luvlii Smyle says:

    I have this problem now at 17 weeks. No meat!! Can’t stand it! I tried to
    eat turkey and 3 bites later I was so sick. The only thing I can eat is
    veggies and veggie soup. Not even too much fruit. It’s crazy how your body
    changes so drastically. Hopefully it will go away soon! Good luck to you
    and your pregnancy!

  25. TweedleTee10 says:

    it’s mine 🙂 i put mousse in it when i get out of the shower. that’s it. i
    also used to dye it but i haven’t since january so it’s faded a LOT and the
    top 2+ inches are my natural colour. it’s just a little lighter than it is

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