17 year old-girl performing movements most guys can’t do

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24 Responses

  1. Quizibo says:

    3/4 of everything she did was in bad form, ill be surprised if she doesnt
    get injured soon.
    The title should be “17 year old-girl performing movements most guys won’t
    do because its bad form.”

  2. Mexicanita de Corazón says:

    Vamos a hacer nuestro mayor esfuerzo!

  3. Kapeesh says:

    Of course most guys can’t do that. Most guys watch tv all day and drink

  4. Caleb Grace says:

    some of the comments on this page are so offensive, wow. shes a girl, not
    some object used for cooking or sex or other stereotypical reason. grow up
    fr, fr. we live in 2015 not 1960, were supposed to learn from our mistakes
    not repeat them geez. 

  5. TurboXtr3me says:

    obviously fake. kitchens dont look like that!

  6. zell hudson says:

    Im a personal trainer and that’s pretty impressive. 99% of my male clients
    cant do the things this girl can do

  7. Djurre Bakker says:

    Impressive, but if i trained a year (probably as long as her) i could do it
    it too…

  8. MrTedMcForehead says:

    If I was 5’2” 100 pounds I could do this too. Unfortunately I’m 6’4” 230
    and prefer hitting a bag over twirling on some rings.

  9. Brian Spoke says:

    17 year old girl performing movements most guys “can’t” do…. why would
    most guys want to lift like this? not everyone wants to lift like this.
    change the title to something else, because you’re stereotyping that every
    guy needs to lift like this
    And hell, not every guy lifts for a living nor has a personal gym like her.
    Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

  10. Rajas Sisodiya says:

    im seeing so much “meninazi” butthurt

  11. Shonay says:

    WOW! This girl inspired me! Officially making my New Years resolution to
    get fit and get ripped!

  12. Panny Spirou says:

    I would go beastmode on her ass . . . . . Just saying 

  13. Riddick Fury says:

    It’s a damn shame…what this world has come to” the purpose of a woman’s
    exsistince was to be a mother of children,cook,clean be a wife…I wouldn’t
    even no what to consider this girl… a dude, Tom boy, tranny or a
    thing…whish I was living in the 1940″s :(..

  14. Maria Alexander says:

    that ass fat

  15. SecondGen SpeedThree says:

    Well, she’s well over 17 now. I’d so slam her in 400 different positions!

  16. Hope Ocean says:

    A lot of butthurt, sexist comments here…

  17. alexander demergis says:

    I didn’t know I’m suppose to use full momentum on muscle ups 

  18. george graham says:

    >stopped right there

    no thanks m8

  19. Ekulioful says:

    These are all pretty simple movements, it’s not like she’s doing front
    levers or muscle ups or something. 

  20. Nirklas says:

    I was expecting something like cooking or cleaning.

  21. TheGamingMustard says:


  22. Tunde Kingsley says:

    She’s really amazing! I’m impressed. I could do most of the stuff as a man
    but with a lot of effort. For a girl, she is above average. Shame on you
    you misogynists, it’s the 21st century and women have a lot more freedom
    and it should be celebrated. You men are born of women so show some
    respect. I reckon she’ll do really well at the Olympics if she tries. 

  23. nuffflavor says:

    She is doing good, but there is reason to make a brag. What separates
    PROFESSIONAL athletes from the average person….. they do not gloat over
    their accomplishments.

    (Even though the title was probably created to attract viewers…. is not
    the best way to do it… as you can now see…)

  24. TheHunterLegion says:

    1:10, i can deadlift 250lb, i can squat 225,lb and im only 145lbs myself,
    65kg isnt much, btw those are rubber, a lot lighter than iron/steel.
    the weight isnt right, 65kg at the end? those Olympic bars are 45lbs
    (20KG), so you have 45kg left for 2 of them? they say 25 on them, 25+25
    isnt 45. even at 25 each plus bar thats 70kg,

    1:50 they are called muscle ups, not MOMENTUM UPS

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