15-Minute Full-Body Workout: Fast and Furious Calorie Burn

Short on time? Then this is the workout for you. Autumn Calabrese, creator of the 21-Day Fix (21DayFix.com), shortened her signature Dirty 30 Workout just for us. It may only be 15 minutes…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses

  1. POPSUGAR Fitness says:

    Thumbs up if you’re loving calorie-shredding workout! 

  2. Tony Dạnza says:

    I’m either more out of shape than I thought or it’s a female vs male thing
    because I couldn’t do the side plank thing. I couldn’t get off the ground
    with my legs straight and barely so with one leg tucked.

  3. AlliesBeautyTips says:

    this workout is fantastic, 3 rounds of this plus a 15 min ab workout and im
    good to go for today! thanks a lot!

  4. Nita Rhodes says:

    Is this the only workout I would need to do or should I follow it up with

  5. Emily M says:

    Where does Anna get her outfits from? I always love them!

  6. Alfred Antrum says:


  7. Wi Wisanbannawit says:

    Just tried this! Loved it!!

  8. peterly louis says:

    The best work out I’ve had in years,am sweating through my pores….feel

  9. anna quach says:

    love how they advertise fast food before the video

  10. anaisdemontreal says:

    Best workout you’ve posted in a long time! Challenging but not unpleasant,
    will do 2 circuits!

  11. vikaki241 says:

    How many calories would this workout burn?

  12. Samantha Mathews says:

    How many times in a week do yu do this workout

  13. Tiffany Gleser says:

    Loved it!!

  14. Southerngirlsmakeup says:

    Is it a coincidence that her last name sounds like “Calorie?” Lol

  15. elvisfan61 says:

    I love the PopSugar workouts, but this is probably my favorite. I’m huffin’
    and puffin’ after a couple of these moves. I find it very challenging.
    Thanks, PopSugar Fitness! I also like that this goes for 15 minutes, even
    though it’s considered a 10 minute workout, but she warms you up for the
    first minute and a couple minute cool-down. This one covers it all for me. 

  16. Pushpa Kunaratnam says:
  17. Audrey Stark says:


  18. Cindy Franco says:
  19. grushenka says:

    bravissima as ever! perfect workout when I am short of time, thank you!

  20. Yvette Ortiz , Sandoval , Romero , Gutierrez says:

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