15 minute Extreme Full Body Home Workout ( Using just 5 Movements )

http://www.sixpackfactory.com brings you this powerful full body home workout. Using just 5 combo movements you will train your full body in just 15 minutes. You will also continue to burn…

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25 Responses

  1. shabbir patanwala says:

    its very very good video thanx 

  2. Lorenzo Politi says:

    Guarda questo video su YouTube:

  3. Mark van Tienen says:

    Why all these negative comments? This is upper body + legs. Extra pushups
    and also situps and you train everything, I guess.

  4. james lee says:

    how effect is this work out to lose weight?

  5. arpit gaur says:

    its not working man i m doing this all day all night …….u motherfucker
    making fool…..

  6. Dawn Wong says:


  7. Arel Alkım says:

    Can you get build muscles with this workout?

  8. saeed AL-SAIRY says:


  9. bcboncs says:

    I’ve gotta say after doing this the first time my triceps, thighs, and back
    shoulders were sore. That’s a good thing though. I was just curling and
    doing some push ups. My triceps definitely need to get stronger. The only
    variation I do to this workout is I add two pushups because I don’t feel
    like the chest is being worked out enough with these 5. Good 5 exercises
    to have an all around workout though. Pretty much what I was looking for.

  10. Calleigh Mitchell says:

    The guy below me is a clown!! Just google Jukefit elite and see for
    no spam. no gimmicks

  11. MrAmin6789 says:


  12. Γιάννης Κ. says:

    funny, a fast food ad before the video!

  13. Evan G says:

    You sound like Mike Myers 

  14. Andres Gavina says:

    I tried this workout for the first time today. I really liked it. My
    question is how many times should I repeat this exercise during the week? 

  15. Yoshi Kanehara says:
  16. Dead Sea Moringa says:

    Simple workouts are the best. :)

  17. Roman Švarc says:

    In the first place, do not forget to put on your cap, especially when you
    train indoor!!

  18. Svn says:

    Does these work all the muscle groups?

  19. nunchidan says:


  20. Mark Hernandez says:

    Great workout!!

  21. zxczxczxc194 says:

    The Monotone voice into loud yelling outta nowhere gets me everytime . Max

  22. Davontae Williams says:


  23. Jesse molina says:

    Honestly the pussiest workouts I’ve ever seen

  24. Dracula says:

    another fucking scam video

  25. Harshana Abeyrathne says:

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    take advantage of it. Go Google Fat Blast Formula to unlock your weight
    loss potential.

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