1000+ Stain Remover (Winning Colours) removing Great Stuff foam insulation with

The best product around oil base paints to a laundry boost there is nothing like it. It works really well removing great stuff foam insulation.
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  1. luffykun says:

    How about when that foam is dry can some one tell me how to remove from

  2. Rose Pepenella says:

    Will Winning Colours remove Great Stuff foam from around my air
    conditioning window units? I tried chipping away the Foam with no luck and
    VERY tedious. 

  3. Usmonbek Zohirov says:

    which store did you buy this from.

  4. MrScupscup says:

    This is by far the best stuff around. Home depot is selling it online.
    Winning Brands has a website with a store locator on it so you might have
    some stores selling it near you. They are changing the name from Winning
    Colours to 1000+ because it has over 1000 uses. It’s a great all purpose
    cleaner you can clean oil base paint brushes to de skunking your dog.

  5. Imperage says:

    I’ve been looking for something like this, I was wondering if it would work
    on a counter top where i got some excess great stuff on?

  6. Sara Morales - Realtor says:

    Do you think you could use this to dissenigrate the foam from inside a
    pipe? The previous owner of my house used the instalation foam to plug up
    the laundry hook ups (pipe/vent) We dont know how far it goes down but we
    cant hook up the washer and dryer. I need something to disolve it. Your
    advise is appreciated!

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