10 Reasons Why We Need To Stop Hating On FWD

Some people like RWD. Others like AWD. But some people are addicted to front-wheel drive shenanigans. Is it a case of #FWDFTW? Subscribe to Car Throttle: http://bit.ly/Zl0sWj —– Follow…
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25 Responses

  1. BunkerBlog says:

    I don’t care if it’s fwd, rwd, 4wd, awd, as long as it’s gas or diesel
    powered, I’m in!

  2. youreonlyhuman says:

    I autocross a FWD car, and get better times that a lot of the RWD and AWD
    cars. Its all about how you drive it and tune the suspension. The only
    thing that was a little sketchy with my FWD was going into a corner. But I
    stiffened up the rear-end, and now it whips around hairpins.

  3. Petro Wolke says:

    Reason #1 for RWD: fun.
    Still more important than these 10 reasons for FWD

  4. I Yiff Stuff For Shits and Giggles, Nigga says:

    Ass dragging is not drifting, sorry.

  5. Stanley Li says:

    if you have the same level of knowledge in physics as a 10 year old, you’d
    know that when you accelerate during a FWD “drift”, you car will instantly
    straighten itself. great editing job, shit content.

  6. Jun Park says:

    Front Wheel Drive: Noobs

  7. hudson fox says:

    “some of the sweetest rides are front wheel drive”
    *shows pure garbage as an example*

  8. Wilson Wijaya says:

    Renault clios do have manuals. Dunno which versions are you talking about?

  9. WildWhiteFang says:

    Lol what is the theme they play its really catchy

  10. MrSrepins says:

    Anyone who says fwd isn’t fun my 325whp tls says differently.

  11. sparrowlt says:

    the problem with FWD is not that they wont drift.. is that most people cant
    drift them (but they will drift it you know how)

  12. REDxFROG says:

    FWD/RWD/4WD…doesn’t mean shit if you can’t really drive.

  13. Elementum Ignis says:

    So many “car experts” jackasses here commenting about shit they saw only in
    need for speed / gran turismo and drive a bycicle in real life. Rofl. Get
    over yourselves. 

  14. Hanif Purbaya says:

    yes we have to stop hating FWD cars since they’re in the part of our
    community. there are some nice cars too that has FWD layout, such as lancia
    fulvia, peugeot 205, peugeot rcz, and hatchbacks. 

  15. Michael Wyszomierski says:

    FWD only for old people, most girls and pussy guys with no skills
    Thank you.

  16. marijaunnaz says:

    Guys in all honestly which should I purchase for my first car? Acura
    integra or acura TSX?!!!

  17. Mani Maaran says:

    Wait.. You can drift with FWD? FTW!!?

  18. Vincent Borsum says:

    0:38 can someone send me a link to that video if u have it?

  19. ozzy says:

    What the fuck is ur problem with hating on fwd?? Keep living in your own
    rwd world and be happy, what the fuck is the diffrence when somone is
    driving fwd?? Im tierd of these idiots who buy bmw think they are pro
    drifters and just crash on the streets, most of the people dont even know
    what drifting realy means. Fwd can be as fun as rwd in its own way, it is
    diffrent. Large part of this community act like they are proffesional
    motorsportists, while actualy they are fools living in their own world.

  20. Henry Chuong says:

    Why do people hate FWD cars to begin with?

  21. TofuProductionCinema says:

    You guys keep making dumber and dumber videos.. unsubscribed.

  22. SnuffmumriK says:

    still hate FWD after this vid 😛 

  23. Kenneth Cohagen says:

    Some of the original hate of FWD came from the shitty CV joints used by
    American car makers. Cv shafts broke, leaked and were an expense at low
    mileage never encountered in RWD cars. The strongest CV joints at that time
    were used in IRS rear wheel drive set ups, where the Cav joints had limited
    travel, basically just up and down. When you added sharp turns to the mix
    they wore out quickly. Foriegn Automakers were the first to use ball
    bearings in CV joints, allowing them to take much higher torque at abrupt
    angles. Their four cylinder engines were better designs too, adding more
    power and reliability to the entire power train. Nowadays, FWD and RWD are
    about equal when used with an engine that best suites either type.

  24. xXUnknown EntityXx says:

    I prefer FWD because of the added precision. A RWD car is not going to get
    around the track any faster if it’s sliding around every corner. More prone
    to understeer? Absolutely. However, 80% of the time I see FWD cars run off
    the track or crash, it’s because the REAR tires lost grip, not the front.
    But I don’t like cars based on numbers anyway; the driving experience is
    what’s important. 

  25. Andrei Vlad says:

    Renault clio and ford fiesta are one of the “sweetest drives” wtf? What
    about M series? Subarus? That’s right, they are not FWD.

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