10 Craft Hacks Using Everyday Items!

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ!! Do NOT use nail polish remover on real wood surfaces. My table shown in the video is a type of plastic, not wood. Do NOT use nail polish as varnish on polymer clay…
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  1. Maqaroon says:

    @addison blackmon Hi! Please don’t use nail polish with Fimo/Polymer Clay
    because it may react with the clay and become sticky. Fimo also sell
    varnishes designed to be used with their own pieces and those work very
    well. They should definitely be glazed after baking, and after the piece is
    completely cool to touch. Nail polish only works with air-dry clay, which
    doesn’t need baking.

  2. Maqaroon says:

    @Sara Pie Thank you! I use the ones which happen to fit with the project
    I’m making…for instance I always use the cut-off bottle cup when
    painting, and I use hairspray when dusting glitter or gold dust onto
    macarons. I don’t use the felting glove because it doesn’t look good on
    camera and I have to film all of my felting tutorials :).

  3. Arina Babenko says:

    Do you live in Switzerland? 

  4. roxyfur says:

    excellent hacks!!

  5. Maqaroon says:

    @Alpaca Craft Yes, that one is very easy, roll the wool together and keep
    poking from all sides until it becomes a ball. It’s important to keep
    turning as you work so all the sides gets felted evenly. The mouth was made
    from tiny bits of orange felt, just poke it until attached. The “outline”
    around the edge of the mouth was made with the needle tip, it happens
    automatically if you repeatedly poke the edge where two colours meet.

  6. elainecheer13 says:

    Someone mind explaining to me why it works on air dry instead? 

  7. Maqaroon says:

    10 Craft Hacks With Everyday Items! A collection of tips and tricks using
    household objects. 

  8. Amanda Toong says:

    Thank you!!!! This is so helpful!!!

  9. Rachel Allred says:

    You can also use a fin get file to file off dried super glue on your skin.
    (Take it from someone whose tried it)

  10. ScrappingLatina says:

    Very cool tips. Tfs.

  11. sTarRyNiiTeX says:

    Cool! I was thinking of how i should get a needle felting mat! Thanks!

  12. Isabella van Rijn says:

    Are you dutch?

  13. lifewithEllen xxoo says:

    Don’t use nail polish to glaze charms! Over time it turns yellow

  14. MilkSkakes Kitty says:

    DONT EVER USE CLEAR NAIL POLISH!! It makes the clay sticky and and smelly.

  15. Neta McKinney says:

    one of the best hack videos i have seen!

  16. melissa stewart says:

    yfgfdwswswqdhklll. aa

  17. Galactic Sal says:

    Powder blush also works really good for crochet pieces. :)

  18. The Alexis says:

    It’s not good for you to breath in the dry clay dust when you sand it down.

  19. blufadoodle says:

    Also, nail polish degrades clay! Research before you do things!!!!

  20. Lps Sparks says:

    Hi Maqaroon! I just really want to say thank you! You’re an awesome
    youtuber! You helped me to gain my patience when doing felting crafts And
    its really awesome! I have made around 10-14 felt crafts! Thanks a lot! 

  21. evanafter says:

    Your videos are excellent! Thank you for these tips. 

  22. jaAdamariE says:

    Cool I’ve never heard of that felting thing before that looks cool and

  23. elizabeth PEREZ says:

    I didn’t under stand 

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