1 Non-Parametric – An Introduction

The Non-Parametric Analyses video series is available for FREE as an iTune book for download on the iPad. The ISBN number is 978-1-62407-809-5. The title is “Non-Parametric Analyses.” Waller…
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5 Responses

  1. Jose Angel Gaspar says:

    Estimated. that reference books recommend to identify the types of post hoc
    for nonparametric analysis. Or if this can recommend others as Nemenyi test
    for post hoc analysis. Thanks for your attention

  2. Rj R says:


  3. Mary Jean Francisquete says:

    Hello. I am struggling with what statistics to use. I have a small sample
    chosen through non-probability sampling. One of my hypotheses is to test
    the significant difference of the variables with age, gender etc. The other
    is to test the relationship of the two variables. Help me please, Need it
    badly. Thanks

  4. MUK2016 says:

    Great video. Thanks!

  5. Juan Carlos Uribe says:

    Currently taking RES732. Thanks for putting this video out here. Wish I
    would have watched it earlier. 

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